Unecca Genuine Leather Women's Coat Beige

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  • Unecca Genuine Leather Women’s Coat Beige $250.00

    Leather Jacket Care Suggestions:

    Your leather jacket or coat cannot be washed in the washing machine
    . A leather jacket should not be used in very rainy weather. If your leather jacket is wet, it should be dried in a suspended state in a normal room environment.
    Aklok and its derivatives, wet wipes are not used in the cleaning of leather coats.
    Cleaning can be done with a slightly damp cloth. Oily application such as almond oil or petroleum jelly can be used depending on the skin type. It can darken the skin when used on light-colored leathers. It can be used on dark skins.
    Leather coat dyeing process can be dyed with suitable leather dyes by experts.
    Since leather is a living material, it should not be left in damp and damp places. Molds and bacteria can form on the skin
    You can store your Leather Jackets on the shoulder straps when you are not using them.
    When your Leather Jacket is wrinkled, you can iron it with a low setting iron by placing a cloth on it.
    When the warranty expires,

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